Coffee for Five Senses - Coffee Lovers Perspective

Coffee for Five Senses - Coffee Lovers Perspective

Coffee and Five Senses

Inside the cup of coffee is the world of pleasure. Starting the day with a cup of hot coffee is a ritual for many. It is just not the taste but the entire sensory system dances with joy. We don't need occasion to drink coffee. A cup of coffee helps when you are happy, sad or for a intense or relaxed conversation.

Though we accept coffee drinking as an experience rather a ritual, the experience is different for each of us. Speciality coffee makers are striving hard to get the best coffee possible to our cup but how you perceive it is an individual experience. It is not the same for two of us.

Rich, spicy aroma which fills the place after grinding freshly roasted coffee beans can make the coffee taste better. Same coffe might taste less when served outside that room.

All the sensory organs work together and create this unique feeling.

Coffee is not a essential food or drink but we still drink it every single day. An average coffee drinker drinks thousands of cups of coffee in a lifetime.

What makes us drink so much coffee?

Several study have proved good and bad about coffee drinking. But the results are astondaingly in favour of drinking coffee.

We have curated wonderful explanation by on the five sense and coffee drinking.

Coffee Smell

The gateway to taste.  A first wave of aromas are released when the coffee reaches about 80°C (176°F) and is stirred, with pleasantly light notes of flowers and fruit, marked by jasmine and almond.   A second aromatic wave comes after tasting, with hints of freshly baked bread and chocolate. If this kind of language invokes taste, well, that is precisely the idea.

Coffee Taste

At around 65°C (149°F), the ideal temperature for tasting, an ideal espresso sports a deft, delicate balance of sweet, bitter and acidic.  Take a tiny sip, and fullness takes center stage.  Please hold the sugar, at least to start; let your palate experience espresso in pure form.

Coffee Touch

We literally feel food and drink on the tongue, making touch an important part of the culinary journey.  We feel espresso’s body in its crema, the natural, lighter-brown layer on top that caresses the tongue: soft, velvety, creamy.  You’ll know a good crema when you see it; more on this in just a bit.

Coffee Hearing

The grinder’s whir, the tamper’s soft turn. The espresso machine’s exhale. The chime of cup on saucer, the spoon’s sweet, metallic ping.  You can hear great espresso, or any great coffee. In fact, our ears may be first to enjoy the experience.

Seeing the Coffee

You’ll know a good espresso at first glance.  For the eyes, it’s all in the crema on top. Look for subtle texture in shades of brown, crossed by light reddish streaks – like the stripes of a tiger.

While speciality coffee makers are doing what they cn to make the coffe smell, taste and feel good for us, we as customers should also start appreciating the complex flavor, smell each cup of coffee brings to us. Next time you go to a cafe or home brew a cup of coffee make an attempt to experience the five senses of coffee drinking