Coffee with and without Chicory

Coffee with and without Chicory

Coffee Vs Chicory Coffee

Many young readers might not be familiar with the term chicory. All off us know what a coffee is, but what is chicory? Coffee is brewed and consumed with and without chicory. It is difficult to take sides with one for other.

What is chicory

Chicory powder is the roasted root of a plant, which is 100% caffeine free. chicory is added in coffee in variable proportions depending on your desired taste. There is no set formula for it. Chicory is cheaper compared to coffee but matches many qualities of coffee. Drinking pure chicory extract is not possible as it has a bitter taste. Coffee blended with chicory tastes good when you have it with milk. though chicory is bitter taste some study reveals chicory reduces the bitterness of coffee.

Coffee with chicory

Why we add chicory with coffee?

South indian filter coffee always blended with chicory. Adding chicory reduces the caffeine content in coffee. Chicory has 70% soluble substances compared to coffee which is 30%. Chicory is almost black in color unlike coffee which is brown in color. If you are caffeine conscious, add chicory to your coffee.

Ratio of chicory and coffee purely depends on individuals taste preferences.

What ratio of coffee to chicory is most preferable?

Ratio of chicory and coffee purely depends on individuals taste preferences. In general for filter coffee the range is between 70%(coffee)-30%(chicory) or 75%(coffee)-25%(chicory) depending upon individuals.

How to decide to add chicory to coffee or not?

Coffee + Chicory

•  If you want less caffine substitute it with chicory
•  adding chicory brings down the cost of the coffee
•  If you need more milk or cream then chicory helps because it is 70% soluble
•  Chicory has many health benefits

Only Coffee

•  If you love pure high quality coffee (100% coffee)
•  If you don't like milk or cream in your coffee

Only Chicory

•  This is a rare combination and it will be bitter tasting.
•  If you are allergic to caffeine

There is no perfect substitue for freshly roasted and grounded pure coffee but chicory is not a bad choice to have in your coffe because of its excellent medicinal qualities.