Food Fact - What is Instant Coffee? How to make Instant Coffee

Food Fact - What is Instant Coffee? How to make Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee Guide for Indian Coffee Lovers

During the growing years of my childhood, never heard of Instant coffee. Coffee in south india was never new but instant coffee was not common. For many years coffee means, filter coffee made in home. This filter coffee from south India has a different brew technique and its unique to its culture. Filter coffee brewing means a different technique in countries outside india. Filter coffee is a pride for south India, but you need to develop taste for it.

Instant coffee preparation is quick as the name suggests. Instant coffee is also know as soluble coffee, coffee crystals and coffee powder.

Across india and predominantly south india was drinking fresh brewed coffee. As in the case of fast food, for coffee beverage instant coffee came into market in late 1950's and slowly and steadily captured the market. Instant coffee is popular because of its unique characteristics like long shelf life, quick to make and they are a must ingredient in many coffee based recipes. Today in india, instant coffee is the market leaders with strong brands like nescafe, bru leading the campaign.

If you are particular about freshness and flavour of your coffee then instant is not your cup of coffee, but you are not deprived of options. Check out these speciality coffee roasters popularly the third wave coffee roasters who have range of coffee like single origin coffee which reaches your kitchen imediatly the day after your coffee bean is roasted and grinded.

Instant coffee in short is "dehydrogenated espresso" coupled with good food science

What is Instant coffee?

For a true coffee lover instant coffee means? Nothing. Yes, truly instant coffee in short is "dehydrogenated espresso" coupled with good food science to lock the flavor of coffee, powdered and packaged.

A fresh roasted and grounded coffee stays fresh max up to 3 weeks, but instant coffee is fresh for few months. Innovation, technology and science is behind this. We all love coffee but only few of us would really know the nuances of coffee tasting. We just relish the aroma and the kick we get from drinking coffee.

How to make Instant coffee?

Spray drying and freeze drying are the common methods to make instant coffee. In short, brewed coffee beverage which is in liquid stage is converted into coffee powder. To further simplify, you make a coffee (espresso) and then remove water content in it but preserve the aroma and flavor intact. Check out the rare video of making instant coffee in end of this article.

Spray dry Method - brewed coffee is sprayed in a fine mist through very hot and dry air. By the time the coffee droplets land, they have dried into a powder.
Freeze dry Method - brewed coffee is frozen around -40 degrees and then remove water content though process called sublimation (solid to gas state without passing thru liquid phase)

Coffee powder formed by above method is popularly called as instant coffee. Instant coffee powder when reconstituted in water makes a good cup of coffee.

There is a trade off in flavor and caffeine content but benefits of longer shelf life and ease in making coffee makes it a popular drink.

Different coffee makers use advanced technique of their own to substitute the lost flavour. which give a unique flavor and taste to each coffee brands.

Instant coffee has other benefits which helps to retain its place in our kitchen. The coffee powder is a strong and concentrated version of the coffee which comes in handy for many coffee induced recipes like cold coffee.

Instant coffee makers in india are nescafe, bru and leo coffee to name few popular coffee brands

Is instant coffee Good or bad for health

We are not experts but our research confirms there is not much difference either in nutrition and chemical composition.

Its ok to consume instant coffee but ensure not to consume many cups of coffee in a day. It certainly would cause health issues. so why wait, its time to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy sensual aspects of drinking coffee.

Rare video about How Instant Coffee is Made