How to order coffee in cafe

How to order coffee in cafe

Tips to help you order coffee in cafe

Many of us walk in to a coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee but suddenly find ourself in an uneasy situation because we are not sure what to order from menu board full of coffee names. We may be familiar with regular cappucino but are intimated to ask for different coffes like latte, macchiato etc. Standing in front of the order counter multiple thoughts like "What if I am pronouncing coffee name wrong? What if the new drink is not for our liking" crosses our mind resulting in ordering the same old cappucino.

Above situation is common and everyone of us have either faced or still facing it. Culturally we are not ready to ask questions in fear of being starred at. Its time to change this perception because, we are the ultimate losers. We are missing every opportunity to try a new flavour of beverage. Even the coffee house dont benefit if they dont train their staffs to identify customers who are having difficulty in choosing their choice of coffee.

However there are no substitute for the coffee ordering experience and these intro on how to order coffee will hep you pick a point or two while ordering your next coffee.

Do not feel shy if you are not familiar with the coffee names.  Many of the coffee names are in Italian language and its ok if we are not able to pronounce them. We have been drinking coffee for years but these speciality coffee are a nightmare when it comes to menu card vocabulary.

If your barista or the server is skilled and trained he can explain about the gibberish menu names which are also highly priced. Until we are explained we will not be able to appreciate why the coffee costs so much.

Changing times and culture calls for a change in our approach towards cafe. We enjoy it or not modern cafes are turning out to be an integral part of new age India. so lets do our bit of homework to know more about ordering coffee in cafes.

Unlike our regular chai shops we cannot order coffee in starbucks, ccd or these third wave coffee shops. These speciality coffee houses are established to explore five senses of coffee. It is not one size fit all category coffee shops.

To know more about various type of coffees and brewing technique, check out our detailed article on it.

We came across this excellent video tutorial on how to order coffee in english? The name could have been more appropriate if would have been how to order coffee in a cafe? but the content of the video is quite useful and we are sharing this video to avoid duplicating the effort in explaining them again.

This video talks about various available size of coffee cups(small, medium, long). types of coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino, mochaccino etc...), Type of milk (whole, organic or soy milk), Flavors / Toppings (chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, whipped cream).