The Coffee Guide - Cappuccino

The Coffee Guide - Cappuccino

Three Layered Coffee Brew, Cappuccino - Specialty Coffee Drink

India, Year 1999. Coffee brews, upscale cafes and coffee shop were opening in high end restaurants with steep price range for a cup of coffee. Only Rich, affluent class could afford and appreciate the new wave of coffee culture. While then, middle class was still enjoying their simple kapi (colloquial name for coffee).

Coffee ritual is part of southindian culture quite early. A typical day in southindia starts with fresh filter coffee and news paper. This tradition still continues in many families.

Hill tracts of nilgris (tamilnadu), coorg and chickmangalore (karnataka) are world leaders in producing and exporting high quality coffee beans.

India produces Arabica and Robusta coffee beans but it was always for the export market.

Changing time calls for upgrading ourselves to global peers. Nothing beats a traditional filter coffee made out of fresh milk and served in classic tumbler set. But young generation does not shy away from welcoming the western coffee culture.

Cafes are opening across India and are experimenting western type of coffee brews and cafe culture. Cappuccino or an espresso is no more unheard off. Do we really know what a Cappuccino should taste like?  We will find out more on the world of Cappuccino. You will be better informed and will be able to appreciate your next cup of coffee in your favorite cafe in India.

When we planned for exclusive, dedicated page on coffee for squapl, there was no debate on which coffee topic we should write first. It is cappuccino. Cappuccino is no more my favorite coffee but for long this was the go to order in cafe's.

Throwback- Why did I ever ordered cappuccino ?

#1 Cappuccino was usually the first item in the menu.

#2 Was a cheaper drink next only to water

#3 Easier to pronounce and remember in comparison with their pears like espresso, latte or mocha.

Perception of cappuccino has changed a lot over the years and I started appreciating this drink. Cappuccino is the combination of espresso and milk like any other coffee. It might seem simple but mastering this art is no easy task.

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink prepared with double espresso, hot milk, and surface topped steamed milk foam (milk froth).

Double Espresso + Hot Milk + Steamed Milk Foam = Cappuccino

How to make Cappuccino? What is a perfect Cappuccino? The answers to these simple questions are quite complex.

With internet at its peak, we want to know more about the food we eat. Its origin,how its processed before it reaches our cup.


Making Cappuccino - Simplified version

Step 1 - Double espresso, extracted from a espresso machine is poured in the bottom of the cup.

Step 2 - Pour equal amount of hot milk which is prepared by heating and texturing the milk using the espresso machine steam wand.

Step 3 - The top third of the drink consists of milk foam; this foam can be decorated with artistic drawings made with the same milk, called latte art.

Good quality coffee bean, barista who prepares it, milk and even the water used to make cappuccino influence the taste of it. Each cup of Cappuccino are unique.

Factors Influencing quality of Cappuccino are

Quality of Coffee Bean
Roasting techniques of Beans
Milk Temperature
quality & quantity of espresso
quantity of milk
experience and expertise of barista

Each of the above parameters are a vast topic to cover. We will deep dive soon on these topics.

Myths about Cappuccino

Original name for the drink was kapuziner, and it was a Viennese drink from 19th Century. It was small brewed coffee mixed with milk or cream until it attained the particular shade of brown that matched the color of the Capuchin monks’ robes. There is no evidence to support this claim on the Capuchin monks’ robes. But if this story sounds interesting its OK to believe so as long as our Cappuccino tastes good.

Rule of Thirds (Three degrees of Cappuccino)

The rule of thirds is quite popular in cappuccino making. It describes a traditional cappuccino as being a third espresso, a third milk and a third foam. A good cup of tasty cappuccino can have a double shot of espresso and still taste great.

Coffee cappuccino

Latte Art

Latte art is so unique to cappuccino, coffee art can make you say "Wow this is amazing" even before you have a sip of the fine coffee. Though the preparation for a latte art remains the same the textured milk is gently poured in and finished with a pattern in the surface crèma. Latte art can have cute emojis or a short message on it.

Cappuccino with latte art heart is the most popular around the world followed by Cappuccino coffee with latte art rosetta. Barista world championships competition are held to showcase eye catching coffee art. It is a unique skill which can be perfected through a lot of practice and need a insane amount of patience and innovation.

Cappuccino are served in a wide small bowl with a temperature range of 65 degree. The nuances of perfect cappuccino goes on in great detail, beyond a point we say, I just need a good coffee and I don't care if its perfect or near to perfect.

Things have changed in India over the last decade. We are trying out new era of coffee brews and developing taste for it and appreciating the hard work which goes in process of making good coffee.

Intention of this article is to introduce modern coffee culture to Indian coffee lovers. Views expressed here are not from coffee experts. If there are wrong interpretations please do let us know.

Enjoy your cup of coffee. Cheers

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