What is Chicory? Why Chicory is added in Coffee?

What is Chicory? Why Chicory is added in Coffee?

What is chicory coffee?

Chicory, ever heard of this ingredient? Chicory is nothing but a totally natural, bitter tasting, caffeine free coffee substitute or coffee additive. Chicory has similar qualities like coffee.

Chicory gained prominence during great depression and WWII. Chicory became the replacement to overcome shortage of coffee imports from coffee producing countries.

Do you know Chicory plants root gets converted into chicory powder. Salads and few other recipes uses chicory green leaves to enhance bitter taste of their dish.

Making Chicory Coffee

You can buy chicory or chicory coffee in coffee grounding shops. They mix chicory with coffee beans depending upon our choice and taste preference. A mix of 80 - 20 means 80% coffee and 20% chicory.

India is one of few countries who love chicory in their coffee, we do get some best chicory coffee. Choice of chicory proportion is  choice of individual taste buds.

Chicory is mixed in Indian Filter Coffee

How chicory is made

Ground and dried chicory root is mixed with water and insoluble fraction is removed by filtration and centrifugation method.

Chicory coffee side effects?

Side effects of drinking chicory are quite few when compared to its benefits. In Spite of being a cheaper version of coffee, chicory comes with innumerable health benefits and few side effects.

Chicory has Inulin, polyphenols, anti-microbial, anti-fungal properties and are rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, choline, beta-carotene. Chicory helps in stimulating diuresis and bile secretion. It is also a natural sedative for the nervous system, and can reduce anxiety and ease the mind

Benefits of Chicory Coffee:

•  Caffeine free
•  Improves digestive system
•  Antioxidant Activity
•  Fights Against Harmful Organisms
•  Good for liver and kidneys
•  Lowers blood pressure and reduce chance of heart disease
•  Weight loss
•  Anti-inflammatory agent for aches, muscle pain
•  Stress and anxiety management

In general chicory is safe, but some of us might be allergic to it. Limiting your chicory intake will help us enjoy  its taste and health benefits for long.

When it comes to pure coffee, an avid coffee connoisseur would just hate it and would never call it as best coffee. Nevertheless chicory is not the bad guy to left alone.
Have you tasted chicory coffee?

If you are a DIY kind of person, In below video check out How to Roast and Grind Chicory?